Monday, September 18, 2006

I Grew Up....

Life no longer just revolves around me, my parents and siblings, there are so many more people who i think, know so much more about me, than my family themselves. I have learnt to confide in my friends the things i cant tell my parents becos i think they wont understand my point of view.

I choose not talk about people close to me, how i want to live my life at my will, the dreams i want to realise, and many such things that are so much a part of me and my existence, i choose not to bother my parents with them. Reminds me of the day when i was brought into this earth, Fragile, Weak helpless and so dependent on my mom and dad. Be it my meek childhood days or arrogant Teenhood, they were always there for me. Now i choose to ignore them, cos they let me stay away from them to chase my own dreams. How can someone, who one has been with just for a yr or less become so much more important that you can choose to ignore people who have been with you for your entire life? Why do i go up to others to discuss things i shud be discussing with my parents and siblings? Have i grown up so much to no longer need my parents. That sounds bad enough.

Therefore, I decide today, to confide in my parents every single thing in this world about me, coz "Bitter Truth is Sweeter than a Sweet Lie discovered later". I Really Grew Up Today!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I will wait for you, forever

I can see you smiling back,
when I look at the door
and its not a dream, I know
I don't miss you anymore.

You are in my heart, and in my thoughts,
however far you be, I can still see
Oh! I am so sure baby,
you only belong to me

I can still feel your caring touch,
I can still feel your warm hug,
Oh! the kisses so sweet!
I never wanted them to last!

Every moment with you, I cherish,
All the memories, still so fresh
I am afraid of dying, NO! I am brave
Just to be with you some more time, I crave

I cud rain love for you, dear!
All I wish is 'Don't leave me ever'!
No matter how far or near!
I will wait for you, forever