Monday, August 28, 2006

I Let My Mind Wander..It Chose to Never Return!!!

The Beauty of Life, is that
It always lets you decide!
If you want a feather in your Hat
or you choose to Hide!

Life is Always not a Ball
Lows and Highs are just a Part,
No Matter how deep you Fall,
Once Again, You can Choose to Start

Have No Fear, Its Faith that you Need
Hinderences or Obstacles, Give No Heed
Its a mighty journey, Life is a Cruise
Just Keep going, Dont Fear to Loose

You may be a King or a Pauper,
Theres Nothing Stopping you, O' FellowBrother!
Live like a Knight in the Shining Armour,
Its the only Life you've got, Live Like no other!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Married or Happy???

My parents cant stop, but scrutinize all my male friends background, as they rightly think i have attained the so called nubile age. Coming from a semi traditional family, i have learned to respect the indian family values while stepping into the mordern times(it might sound ironic to some, but i have). The feasibility of the institution of marriage never ceases to intirgue me.

The increasing number of failed marriages, single parents makes one wonder, Is it worth it?
First you get married to someone you think you love and then you compromise on everything to avoid any complications of divorce or anything like that, then when you have kids, they become your laibility and it becomes so god damn difficult to get out of all this that its seriously needs a second thought wether it was really worth it?

I may lack experience to raise any point of view on pros and cons of marriage,but the contemprory scenarios as such dont reflect the best of marriages. Its for us to take the decision, and face the consequences. 'Never commit' are the saviour words in the present era.

If wishes were horses...

There is a rebel in each and everyone of us that protests the ongoing crime and corruption all along. Given a platform, one could go on and on describing the crime and treachery persistent in our community. We crib about everything under the sky and wish everything was as sweet as it can get for us. If you want life to be a bed of roses for you, you must learn to take the thorns off it. Life wont be half as gud if it dint have challanges.

If one thinks wats going on is wrong and wants to change it, then why not stand up for it yourself. Its us who underestimate the power of Voting and end up getting someone really wrong elected as a leader for us and then continue to crib. If you claim that the politicians and police force is corrupt, dont you think they are one among us. If you think your leader is corrupt, stand for it yourself. Power is in each one of us. We can get the wind flow in the direction we want if we had the will. Life is a challange, take it as one. Stand up for your rights without forgetting responsibilties.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Who is a Stranger?

When i took a Taxi this morning to get to Work, the taxi driver(a middle aged Sardarji) , offered me the choco cream busicuits that he was eating. When i refused to take it, he got a little upset and kept it aside and concentrated on driving.

This incident made me wonder wether i did wrong by not taking food stuff from a stranger expecting he might have poisoned it. He was afterall a good natured sardarji and wanted to share and eat. We are taught from childhood not to talk to strangers and also that we must share our things with others. Its a confused set of mindsets that we grow up with. In a perspective of a Young Girl, wasnt i right no accepting Food from a stranger? Or was i wrong for not accepting when he Shared his Food with me?

Would i not accept food from new colleages i meet at office if i think they are from a respectable family? Would i refuse my new neighbour if she invites me for Dinner? Is It the drivers economic status that drove me into not accepting Food from him? Wat defines a stranger for us?

Who is a Stranger?

Life - A Dream

Life, a four letter word that encompasses a persons lifetime, and gets quite intriguing sometimes. In my younger days, the question "Wat will you be after growing up in Life?" used to bother me a lot. Out of my fascination for great heights and luv for blue sky, i always used to reply with a glee on my face and high Spirits..'A Pilot!'

As a Child, I would get paranoid by the single thought of loosing my way or staying away from my mother for one night. I would have several tiffs with my younger sister over who my mom loves more. I would take my mom for granted to feed me my meals and she obviously loved it. Its Ironic, now as an adult i feel embarrassed by my mom kissing me or hugging me, while i used to jump on her lap and embrace her in my small arms every day i returned from school. I could play with my Dad and listen to him for hours without getting intimidated.

Its all like a beautiful dream to me that went past me before i could realize its importance. Now, as a Software Engineer, I ask myself, does my life lie in Coding those 1000+ pages of code all along. When i speak to my dad now why is it only about, my Tax filing problems or my investment problems and not really have a friendly chat. Why do i always crib about my mom being too interfereing when she tells me wat to eat and wat not too?? Is this a part of growing up? I would rather have remained a kid all my life if its such a wondeful thing to be and then if someone asked me 'What would you like to be when you grow up??'. I would Say 'A KID' Yes!! you heard it right a KID again. I would not want to grow up.