Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to Rajiv!!

The first time we met, it was destiny
you and I, were meant to be.
You were so gentle, you were so true
when you first held my hand, I just knew.

Now still together, Through laughter and tears ,
Our memories we have, shall never fade,
for those are the steps, that we have made
Never will I let you go,
And in my heart you’ll always be
From now until forever !!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi Invite


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Undying love i feel for you...

If what they say is true,

That time heals a broken heart.

Then tell me why it's taking so long

for the healing to start?

I've tried so hard to fight these feelings,

I have deep in side for you.

While telling my self each day,

I must, I must start anew.

I know I should move on,

and accept that you are gone.

But that is so darn hard to do

Cause i'm still deeply in love with you.

Tomorrow i'll again try to forget you,

I pray to God i'll do.

But for today I cannot seem to let go,

Of this undying love I feel for you.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I Grew Up....

Life no longer just revolves around me, my parents and siblings, there are so many more people who i think, know so much more about me, than my family themselves. I have learnt to confide in my friends the things i cant tell my parents becos i think they wont understand my point of view.

I choose not talk about people close to me, how i want to live my life at my will, the dreams i want to realise, and many such things that are so much a part of me and my existence, i choose not to bother my parents with them. Reminds me of the day when i was brought into this earth, Fragile, Weak helpless and so dependent on my mom and dad. Be it my meek childhood days or arrogant Teenhood, they were always there for me. Now i choose to ignore them, cos they let me stay away from them to chase my own dreams. How can someone, who one has been with just for a yr or less become so much more important that you can choose to ignore people who have been with you for your entire life? Why do i go up to others to discuss things i shud be discussing with my parents and siblings? Have i grown up so much to no longer need my parents. That sounds bad enough.

Therefore, I decide today, to confide in my parents every single thing in this world about me, coz "Bitter Truth is Sweeter than a Sweet Lie discovered later". I Really Grew Up Today!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I will wait for you, forever

I can see you smiling back,
when I look at the door
and its not a dream, I know
I don't miss you anymore.

You are in my heart, and in my thoughts,
however far you be, I can still see
Oh! I am so sure baby,
you only belong to me

I can still feel your caring touch,
I can still feel your warm hug,
Oh! the kisses so sweet!
I never wanted them to last!

Every moment with you, I cherish,
All the memories, still so fresh
I am afraid of dying, NO! I am brave
Just to be with you some more time, I crave

I cud rain love for you, dear!
All I wish is 'Don't leave me ever'!
No matter how far or near!
I will wait for you, forever

Monday, August 28, 2006

I Let My Mind Wander..It Chose to Never Return!!!

The Beauty of Life, is that
It always lets you decide!
If you want a feather in your Hat
or you choose to Hide!

Life is Always not a Ball
Lows and Highs are just a Part,
No Matter how deep you Fall,
Once Again, You can Choose to Start

Have No Fear, Its Faith that you Need
Hinderences or Obstacles, Give No Heed
Its a mighty journey, Life is a Cruise
Just Keep going, Dont Fear to Loose

You may be a King or a Pauper,
Theres Nothing Stopping you, O' FellowBrother!
Live like a Knight in the Shining Armour,
Its the only Life you've got, Live Like no other!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Married or Happy???

My parents cant stop, but scrutinize all my male friends background, as they rightly think i have attained the so called nubile age. Coming from a semi traditional family, i have learned to respect the indian family values while stepping into the mordern times(it might sound ironic to some, but i have). The feasibility of the institution of marriage never ceases to intirgue me.

The increasing number of failed marriages, single parents makes one wonder, Is it worth it?
First you get married to someone you think you love and then you compromise on everything to avoid any complications of divorce or anything like that, then when you have kids, they become your laibility and it becomes so god damn difficult to get out of all this that its seriously needs a second thought wether it was really worth it?

I may lack experience to raise any point of view on pros and cons of marriage,but the contemprory scenarios as such dont reflect the best of marriages. Its for us to take the decision, and face the consequences. 'Never commit' are the saviour words in the present era.

If wishes were horses...

There is a rebel in each and everyone of us that protests the ongoing crime and corruption all along. Given a platform, one could go on and on describing the crime and treachery persistent in our community. We crib about everything under the sky and wish everything was as sweet as it can get for us. If you want life to be a bed of roses for you, you must learn to take the thorns off it. Life wont be half as gud if it dint have challanges.

If one thinks wats going on is wrong and wants to change it, then why not stand up for it yourself. Its us who underestimate the power of Voting and end up getting someone really wrong elected as a leader for us and then continue to crib. If you claim that the politicians and police force is corrupt, dont you think they are one among us. If you think your leader is corrupt, stand for it yourself. Power is in each one of us. We can get the wind flow in the direction we want if we had the will. Life is a challange, take it as one. Stand up for your rights without forgetting responsibilties.